Want to eat a more plant based diet... but not sure where to start?


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Sept. 14-18, 2020

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This free online challenge will provide plenty of support, inspiration, and ideas to help you eat more veggies (and less meat... or, if you want, no meat at all!). 

The free 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot includes nutrition guidance, meal planning tips, yummy recipes... plus live Q&A sessions for each day of this fun online challenge.

Open to vegetarian, vegan, veganish, and veg-curious eaters... and anyone who simply wants to get more veggies in their life.

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Here’s how it works...

Let's face it. Pandemic time has been tough on us. For all sorts of reasons. And to help us get through it, we've been giving ourselves permission to eat those not-so-healthy comfort foods... more snacks than usual... and maybe even more wine or cocktails than usual. 

Well, it's time to reel things back in.

Get back to our healthier habits.

Start feeling energized and revitalized.

Get back on track.

And, you guessed it... eat more veggies!

It's time for the 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot!

I need this!

Free 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot

Here's what to expect...

The 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot is being hosted by certified health coach and healthy eating expert, Monica Spoelstra Metz.

This online challenge is designed to bring balance and energy to your body by giving you support, ideas, and inspiration to eat more vegetables and whole foods (and less meat), while hitting the pause button on dairy, sugar, and other processed or refined foods. 

The challenge includes:

  • Daily coaching emails.
  • Nutrition guidance and tips.
  • Meal planning tips and templates.
  • Daily live Q&A sessions hosted inside a private Facebook group.
  • Downloadable PDF, which includes healthy and delicious plant powered recipes.

"I'm passionate about helping people improve their health by eating more veggies and less meat — and the 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot can definitely help you get a variety of deliciously prepared veggies onto your plate!"

Monica Spoelstra Metz, Certified Health Coach

Join the 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot

Getting back to our healthiest habits isn't always the easiest thing.

But it becomes much easier with some extra support.

That's why I created The 5-Day Plant Powered Reboot.

Together, we can accomplish a lot in 5 days. 

Sign up now for this free challenge, and get the support, ideas, and inspiration you need to get back on track with a healthier diet. 

Real food for the real world

I live in the real world, right there with you — where pizza, wine, and cereal-for-dinner happen. However, we can still get healthier, plant powered meals on the table quickly and more easily.

I'm excited to show you how!

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