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More Veggies Less Meat is a monthly online membership that provides plenty of support, inspiration, and ideas to help you eat more veggies and less meat (or no meat at all) so you can feel empowered, energized, and strong in your body.

Led by certified health coach Monica Spoelstra Metz, More Veggies Less Meat is open to vegetarian, vegan, veganish, and veg-curious eaters... and anyone who simply wants to get more veggies in their life.

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Simplify healthy meal prep

Each month, I share my tips and tricks for getting healthy, plant-powered meals on the table quickly and with ease.

Online cooking classes

Get inspired as I show you how to prepare delicious plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Learn about plant proteins

Cut through the confusion and learn how you can get plenty of protein on a plant powered diet.

Hosted by Monica Spoelstra Metz

Certified Health Coach and Healthy Eating Expert on More Good Day Oregon (Fox-12 KPTV)

More Veggies Less Meat is a monthly online membership designed to bring balance and energy to your body by giving you support, ideas, and inspiration to eat more vegetables and whole plant-based foods (and less meat), while cutting back on dairy, sugar, and other processed or refined foods. 

Monthly membership includes:

  • Weekly coaching emails.
  • Cooking classes and demos.
  • Nutrition guidance and tips.
  • Meal planning tips, templates, and resources.
  • Live Q&A sessions hosted inside a private Facebook group.
  • A monthly Action Plan (PDF), which includes meal prep guidance, resources, featured recipes, and more. 

"I'm passionate about helping people improve their health by eating more veggies and less meat. Sign up for my monthly membership for plenty of support, guidance, inspiration and ideas to help you eat healthy and feel better. "

Monica Spoelstra Metz, Certified Health Coach

Join More Veggies Less Meat

Eating lots of veggies isn't exactly our culture's default setting.

Vegetables, beans and legumes, fresh fruit and other plant-based foods — the healthiest foods around — often end up taking a back seat to beef, chicken, fish and other animal products.

And because most of us have been raised on a meat-and-cheese diet, we may feel overwhelmed by trying to get more veggies in our life. 

And, we may struggle to find ways to make these veggies taste delicious... and how to make meatless meals appealing to the people we love.

All of this becomes so much easier with some extra support and guidance on a monthly basis.

That's why I created More Veggies Less Meat as a monthly membership.

When you're a member, I'm here to provide plenty of guidance, ideas, and inspiration to help support your dream of eating more veggies so you can improve your health and feel strong in your body.

Enrollment for More Veggies Less Meat only happens a few times a year. 

Sign up today for the waitlist, and you'll be among the first to know when membership opens.

More Veggies Less Meat

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Real food for the real world

I live in the real world, right there with you — where pizza, wine, and cereal-for-dinner happen. 

However, we can still get healthy and delicious plant powered meals on the table quickly, easily, and consistently.

I'm excited to show you how!

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