Want to eat more veggies... without going 100% plant based?

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This free, downloadable PDF will help you get started on getting more veggies (and healthy plant foods) onto your plate so you can boost your health, improve digestion, and feel better in your body. 

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Your Eat More Veggies Starter Kit includes:

  • Guidance and tips to help you cut through nutrition confusion. 
  • A handy checklist to help you cut down on weekly meal prep. 
  • Sample meal plan with links to delicious, healthy recipes. 
  • Shopping List that you can print out and use each week.
  • Plus, 3 additional delicious plant powered recipes!

The EAT MORE VEGGIES STARTER KIT was created by Monica Spoelstra Metz, certified health coach, to help you eat more veggies, boost your health, and feel amazing.

Download your free copy of the Eat More Veggies Starter Kit today!

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